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Bunkering services: fast, safe, affordable

Bunkering and collecting waste from the ships is an essential process for each vessel calling into port. In the water areas of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, complex bunkering services are provided by the IVOLGA Company. With their own fleet of vehicles and high-tech equipment, the company's specialists will quickly and efficiently perform works of any complexity as quickly as possible. There are no problems we can’t possibly solve and we are ready for any unforeseen situations – regardless of weather conditions – at any time of the day.

IVOLGA was founded in 2008; the company operates in accordance with current legislation. We have all the necessary licenses for bunkering operations. The company's specialists are highly professional and regularly improve their skills – this is why they can handle any tasks.

IVOLGA services

Each vessel, regardless of its performance and purpose, needs the services of bunker companies. IVOLGA LLC has been leading the bunker market of St. Petersburg for the past 10 years. Among the priority services provided by the company are:

• bunkering. Replenishment of the vessel with petroleum products, fuel and lubricants and other necessary technical liquids is carried out in different ways: on the move or in a drifting state, while on the anchor or directly in the port at the docks. Thanks to our powerful transport fleet, we can quickly supply fuel both by land routes and throughout the entire water area of the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg in particular;

• cleaning washing and evaporation of tanks using specialized high-tech equipment;

• collection of ship solid waste of 1-4 hazard classes with their removal for further utilization and collection of liquid waste;

• sales and wholesale supplies of petroleum products and ship fuel in particular in the Leningrad Region.

The exceptional quality and effectiveness of bunkering operations is based on the compliance with generally established bunkering rules:

• fuel goes through multi-level inspections which guarantee its quality and compliance with ISO requirements;

• all tanks on the vessels are checked immediately before the bunkering process;

• before starting the pumps, the bunker operator agrees the bunkering process, the filling rate of oil products and the refilling procedures with the mechanic.

The company works with both large vessels and small and fishing vessels. The dispatching service works 24/7, which makes it possible to receive and execute orders for the delivery of marine fuel and other liquids necessary for the uninterrupted operation of a vessel at any time of the day or night.

Features of bunkering by IVOLGA specialists

Highly qualified personnel, individual approach to each client, affordable and transparent terms of cooperation are the main criteria that allow us to provide bunkering services with the perfect combination of quality and price. When you choose IVOLGA as your bunkering company you get a professional and responsible business partner.

We offer mutually beneficial cooperation to all who need:

• filling vessels with high-quality fuel, engine oils and other fuel and lubricants with environmentally safe modern technologies;

• storage, distribution and refueling of small-size vessels with diesel fuel or gasoline: motor boats, yachts, jet skis, small motor ships;

• timely deliveries of petroleum products by land and waterways in any necessary amount.

All export and bunkering operations of our company are executed within specified time limits and in the full compliance of the bunkering rules stipulated by the legislation.

The IVOLGA Company provides year-round guaranteed supplies of ship fuel, fuel oil and other types of mechanical liquids to charterers and ship owners in all ports of St. Petersburg, as well as in the water area of the entire Leningrad Region. Regardless of the location of a client, the petroleum products are always delivered timely and promptly.

Ways of bunkering

Depending on the location of a vessel, the bunkering might be done in different ways:

• at the docks. Bunkering is carried out from a bunker vessel moored to the docks or from a tanker;

• out at the sea, when the vessel in need of refueling is anchored;

• on the move or setting adrift. This method is most often used for bunkering of fishing vessels;

• small bunkering. This implies the storage and delivery of fuel to small-size vessels. It can be executed directly at the port or from a filling station.

Pay attention: the shipment of petroleum products from one tanker to another is not related to bunkering services – these are the cargo operations.

How to order bunkering services

The IVOLGA Company delivers bunkering services according the terms of orders from our customers. Our dispatching service works 24/7, which allows us to register applications at any time of the day or night. When submitting an application for an order, you need to specify the name of your vessel, the location of the bunkering, the amount and type of fuel required, contact details of your ship agent. Immediately after all the necessary information is submitted and the application is accepted, the specialists of our company start the execution.You can apply by phone or via the Internet directly on the official website of our company.

Benefits of cooperation

The IVOLGA Company provides a full range of bunkering services calling into the ports of St. Petersburg, as well as those sailing in the water area of the Leningrad region.

We offer our business partners:

• reliability. Our company has its own vessel and vehicle fleet which we maintain in excellent technical condition. For ten years of our operation, we have been receiving only positive feedbacks from our partners and customers;

• quality. Before each delivery of petroleum products to our customer, we always assess the quality of the products. Different products are stored separately – depending on the results of the analysis;

• speed. Immediate response to incoming requests and impeccable technical capabilities of our vessels is what allows us provide bunkering services within minimal terms.

Starting from the moment you contact our dispatch service, we provide professional advice to everyone who needs it. We approach clients' requests responsibly. We observe honesty and transparency in relations with our clients. All technological operations are carried out consequently and with maximum compliance with safety rules and environmental requirements.

IVOLGA has all the necessary certificates and licenses required for bunkering business.

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