Collection and transportation of hazard class I - IV waste
Collection and transportation of hazard class I - IV waste

IVOLGA Company bunkering services: quick, efficient, safe

The safety, efficiency and timeliness of the fleet operation significantly depend on the quality of bunkering services. IVOLGA LLC is one of the leading Russian companies providing bunkering services and it pays great attention to this kind of services. We have specialized vessels for the delivery of fuel and lubricants both to the docks and to the board of a ship. Bunkering is carried out both at the docks and on a raid.

What is Bunkering?

Bunkering is a rather complicated process associated with the refuel of vessels with fuel, engine oil and other mechanical fluids. This process has to be carried out exclusively with the use of specialized equipment and only in certain temperature conditions.

Bunkering operations are carried out not only at the docks, but also in the seas, lakes, oceans and rivers. Quite often, the need to refuel a ship arises when it is on the move.

Bunkering at the docks is carried out using tankers or special pipeline. If the ship is on a raid, then fuel and lubricants are delivered by a special bunker boat.

When it comes to bunkering, there are certain aspects which must be taken into consideration. Only qualified companies that have licenses for this type of activity and, accordingly, specialized equipment can provide such operations. In addition, it is imperative to consider the type and the brand of a fuel which determine the creation of the right temperature regime.

In addition to bunkering operations, the company also offers services for the storage of petroleum products and their transportation to the specified locations.

The main purpose of bunkering is the fast, timely and safe replenishment of fuel, lubricants and other mechanical fluids of liners, tankers, container ships and other vessels.

How bunkering works: basic ways

Bunkering of ships with fuel and lubricants, and in particular with fuel, is a rather important process for ensuring full-fledged operating conditions. The need for bunkering may arise when a vessel docks at the port or it may arise directly on a raid. The IVOLGA Company offers comprehensive and effective solutions to any bunkering issues.

Fueling or refueling the vessel with engine oils and fuel can be done in different ways:

• bunkering from the dock. Such bunkering is carried out with the help of a tanker truck, which is supplied with fuel, or at the dock, which the bunker ship is moored to. This method is considered the least time-consuming and is currently the cheapest one;

• bunkering on a raid. A ship standing on the raid is supplied with fuel from the bunker boat. Such operations can be carried out only when a vessel or a bunker ship itself is anchored;

• bunkering of ships going adrift or on the move with the fuel. Most often this method is used when fishing vessels need refueling;

• small bunkering. The method involves the storage of fuel and fueling the undersized ships: motor boats, jet skis, boats, yachts. Such operations are carried out from floating fuel station after a vessel in need of refueling moors to it. This type of bunkering is among the most secure and environmentally friendly options.

Regardless of the method of bunkering, the IVOLGA Company strictly adheres to the generally established rules. This eliminates the chance that petroleum products and mechanical fluids can get into the water or the environment. The bunkering process is carried out in full compliance with fire prevention requirements.


Bunkering is a very important process. IVOLGA Company has been successfully providing bunkering services for several years. Transportation of petroleum products is carried out on inland waterways with maximum compliance with all environmental requirements and precautions of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Our own transport fleet with carrying capacity from 347 to 2500 m³ and professional equipment allow us to provide the following services:

• bunkering of a vessel with fuel at the docks or on a raid;

• delivery of different types of fuel according to international classification, including heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil and LNG;

• services for the storage and transportation of light and dark petroleum products by water and road;

• services for the removal and the further utilization of oily water from ships, the collection and transportation of oily rags and other toxic waste;

• transportation of petroleum products in St. Petersburg and the entire Leningrad region.

The company’s arsenal includes high-tech tank trucks, which, unlike conventional fuel trucks, enable to:

• measure the volume of transferred petroleum products with a liter accuracy;

• bunkering can be carried out at a distance of 80-100 meters from the customer’s vessel;

• transferring fuel from one tank to another using an integrated pump;

• monitor the temperature of the cargo in each compartment of the tank;

• carry out autonomous heating during transportation of the tank;

• ensure the absolute safety of the transported oil products due to the use of the multistage protection equipment.

The company is constantly expanding its capacity and is able to handle any bunker tasks quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of the IVOLGA bunkering services

Timely, stable and fast delivery of fuel and lubricants carried out by the IVOLGA Company, allows to fully meet the needs of customers in petroleum products with the minimum cost and in the shortest possible time. Regardless of the location of a customer, bunkering of vessels in the port, on a raid or a few meters from the pier will be done successfully.

The advantages of our company services are as follows:

• full range of bunkering services due to having our own fleet of modern high-tech vehicles;

• bunkering of fishing or seagoing vessels is carried out 24/7 and without fail;

• bunkering and waste removal can be carried out within one trip to the customer’s ship;

• we fill tankers, container ships, bulk carriers and other types of river, naval and commercial transport;

• we conclude agreements with our clients, which clearly stipulate the responsibilities and obligations of both parties;

• we have our own base for receiving, storing and transporting petroleum products in any amount;

• we supply any type of petroleum products: gasoline, diesel fuel, CNG, engine oil and other mechanical fluids. All fuels and lubricants comply with certificates and ISO requirements;

• clients are offered a loyal pricing policy for the services provided. We offer favorable discounts for long-term cooperation.

IVOLGA Company operates in accordance with the norms and requirements of the Russian legislation and complies with the regulations of the maritime business.

The services of our company enable to minimize the downtime by quickly and efficiently solving bunkering tasks and offering high-quality service. We use only high-quality fuel that best meets the standards of GOST and climatic conditions.

When it comes to oil business and bunkering, we offer our customers long-term, mutually beneficial and productive cooperation, while providing an advantageous discount system, an individual approach and professional information support.

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