Collection and transportation of hazard class I - IV waste
Collection and transportation of hazard class I - IV waste


Since 2008, IVOLGA has been successfully operating in the bunkering services market and using its own transport fleet to efficiently and quickly provide ships with high-quality fuel, lubricants and mechanical fluids. Having all the necessary licenses, we work both in the river ports of St. Petersburg and in the water areas of the entire Leningrad region.


IVOLGA is currently among the leaders in the field of petroleum products bunkering. Environment and safety are the main concerns of the company. Our goal is absolute responsibility to the environment and to society in terms of prevention of a negative impact on the ecological system. This is why we provide the safest working conditions and strive to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of our customers.

We offer the following services to our business partners:

• bunkering of vessels with petroleum products. This includes the delivery of fuel and lubricants to ships on the waterways of the Leningrad Region and bunkering them directly at sea, transshipment of petroleum products in the port, storage and handling of fuel in accordance with ISO.

• environmental service: collection of dry waste, oil-containing and bilge water from vessels, their removal and further disposal.

If you contact us for bunkering services, you can be completely confident in the quality and the quantity of the fuel. While trying to win the trust of our customers, we strive to stand out from our competitors. We never divide our business partners into small and large ones. We provide quality service to everyone which significantly reduces the downtime of vessels.

We have been providing bunkering services for 10 years. We work with both large and small vessels. The company specialists have gained vast experience in transportation of petroleum products and bunkering operations.

Regardless of the location of the vessel – at the port or out at sea – the fuel will be delivered in any necessary quantities and fueling or refueling will be carried out promptly and efficiently.

The company’s mission

We strive to occupy leading positions in the bunkering market of St. Petersburg and the entire Leningrad region, and are glad to provide high-class services. We use our own fleet and vehicles to transport petroleum products and refuel the ships. Our vehicle fleet offers innovative and high-tech equipment, which allows us to fully meet the needs of our customers regardless of their complexity.

Our company is a licensed supplier of bunker fuel to Russian and foreign vessels calling into the port of St. Petersburg or sailing in the water area of the Leningrad Region. Our bunker fleet consists of five vessels with a carrying capacity from 347 to 2500 m³. The ships are equipped with Internet connection, modern cargo accounting systems, bunkering devices designed for any type of vessel. In addition, we have high-tech fuel trucks which we use to transport petroleum products by land routes.

Being aware of the high degree of responsibility and safety of bunkering business, the IVOLGA Company strives to perform any tasks quickly, efficiently and cheap.

IVOLGA corporate values

The operability and the comfort of operating the vessel directly depend on the quality of fuel and its timely refueling. Offering bunkering services, the IVOLGA Company operates based on the principles of reliability, safety and professionalism.

The main values of our company include:

• leadership. IVOLGA strives to occupy leading positions in the field of bunkering, to use innovative technologies in its work, to offer customers exceptionally high-quality petroleum products in any amount and range;

• professionalism. The staff of the company consists of the best specialists of the St. Petersburg bunkering market. This allows us to quickly and flawlessly fulfill orders of any complexity and meet the wishes and requirements of each individual client;

• convenience. We work daily for 2 hours a day. We have no weekends and holidays. Our experts begin to process the request from a customer immediately after it comes – regardless of the time of day. Such responsiveness is ensured by a 24-hour dispatching service equipped with modern technical means of communication able to transfer information to ships and monitor the work;

• effective management. We do not simply do our job well, but also provide professional advice in the field of bunkering.

One more important advantage of the IVOLGA Company is the absolute provision of ecological safety and environmental protection. Apart from bunkering operations, we also offer services for the collection, removal and disposal of waste.

The geography of our company includes the waters of all sea ports of the Leningrad region and the waters of St. Petersburg in particular. The list of our regular partners includes the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Bronka Port, FSUE "Rosmorport", LLC "Baltic Fleet".

IVOLGA is a financially stable company which operates based on the principles of uncompromising service, mutual trust and friendly relations with business partners.

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